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BSD always strives in bringing innovative solutions in the fiber optic field. The part BSF-3026M has been updated:the new part  BSF-2428MS has Web management for basic functions, QoS and CoS etc. and 2 giga/SFP combo. This solution will guarantee a stable performance in the network and it is still cost effective


 BSD introduces the PoE commercial line  with several options of total power to satisy the most demanding security networks. The PoE products reduce cables and the need of dedicated electric outlets.


 10G SFP modules are available!  The BSD 10G transceiver is designed for 10Gb/s serial optical interfaces for data communications with multi mode fiber 850nm or single mode fiber  The transceiver can support 1.25 Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s.

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1000Base and LC SM and MM Available 1.25G and 10G 

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24 100FX + 2 Giga/SFP Combo Web Managed Switch




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